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About Ladbrokes

    Ladbrokes is a British based gambling company that was founded in May of 1886. To this day, Ladbrokes is one the most successful and trustworthy betting companies in the industry. In the UK and Ireland alone Ladbrokes has over 2,400 retail betting shops and dominates a large portion of the online market.

    Ladbrokes exhibits one of the broadest sportsbooks on the online market and offers some very generous signup bonuses such as this great sports £50 free bet that has been very popular amongst online punters for a long time
As you would expect from the biggest betting and gaming company in the UK, their online casino and games do not fall short.

    Ranging from character games and slots, to the classic casino games such the blackjack and roulette, the online experience is second to none, with a great selection of “live interactive dealers”(future link). Ladbrokes also offer one of our biggest free bets in our casino category. 200% signup bonus on your first deposit of up to £600 is really one of the most generous promo codes on the online market. If you prefer an interactive live dealer, Ladbrokes also offer a great, and ever popular £50 sign up bonus (link)when you use the promo code “love live”(future inner page url).

    If you have not yet signed up to ladbrokes, then take a look through the Ladbrokes promo codes below and advantage of one of their sizeable signup bonus and claim your free bet today!

About the Barclays English Premier League

    Is it overhyped? Possibly. However, there are many reasons as to why the Barclays English Premier League is spoken about across the world as the top of all domestic competitions in football. Founded on the 20th of February 1992, and with the 24th season coming to an end, the league has been fundamental in shaping how football is watched, played and even viewed by millions of people over the globe. It was put together as a means for the most respected clubs in England to gain the full benefits of TV broadcasting. A time where attendances to games were falling, stadiums were crumbling and football hooliganism was high. Public interest in the stadium improvements of the Italia 90 FIFA world cup and English teams re-joining the European competitions spurred the idea for a reinvention of the English game. The new ambitions for the Premier League involved money (and lots of it), as well as TV broadcasting and massive global ambition. This has led to the Barclays Premier League Dominating the world stage of football to this day.

    England is a highly condensed country. This provides some of the greatest neighbourly derbies in the whole of football, including Manchester City vs Manchester United, Newcastle United vs Sunderland FC and Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspurs to name a few. Granted, these fixtures may not reach the historical importance of the El Classico, Real Madrid v Barcelona. However, these fixtures never fail to be the highest of importance for the clubs involved as they disregard their current respective positions in the league and only want to get the better of one another. A great example of this would be how every time Sunderland play Newcastle, Sunderland seem to change from their normal miserable way of football to produce their best game of the year and more often than not, in recent years, take all three points. These unexpected results, mixed with hate filled tackles and the possibility of bragging rights until the next meeting, make these the best games of the season.

    Separate from these local derbies are the ‘big team’ rivalries. These big team rivalries seem to be highly dynamic and change every couple of seasons, and is often associated with a shift in league status. A perfect example of this would be Manchester City, only when City were bought for big money have Manchester United thought of their ‘noisy neighbours’ as any sort of real rival. Other rivalries at various points in times include Arsenal vs Liverpool, Chelsea vs Leeds and Man United vs Newcastle. The biggest rivalries though, can survive through years. Best example of this being Liverpool vs Man United. Up until recently it could be said that United have the better of Liverpool. The sourness these clubs share cuts deep, producing one of the great rivalries in world football.

    A criticism of the Premier League has been that it lacks some competitiveness. I believe this can also be said for other ‘big’ leagues. For example PSG are giants of Ligue 1 in France, La Liga is dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona and the Bundesliga belongs to Bayern Munich. As well as this, last season Leicester City narrowly avoided relegation, now this season (2015/2016), find themselves at the top of the League with 12 games to go. The idea that the premier league lacks competitiveness can almost be completely attributed to Manchester United’s domination. They have won 13 of the last 23 titles. This I feel can be contributed to the fact the birth of the Premier League happened to be during a time of one of the greatest ears of any club as well as having possibly the best manager of all time – Sir Alex Ferguson. When you look at the facts, Manchester City became the fifth club to win the championship in 23 years. This to me is almost perfect – it means a balance, the League is not some random free for all where any team has the chance of winning but also it seems to not be a league dominated by one or two teams. I believe for these reasons lack of competitiveness cannot be argued as a reason to why the Premier League is the best league in the world.

    What else makes the Premier League such an enjoyable spectacle? The media can definitely be a source of enjoyment! The bigger of a star you are, the greater the risk of being made to look a fool in the public eye. The British are renowned for its awful journalism. Media and the Premier League have somewhat a love hate relationship. Some of the greatest Premier League story’s to evolve over the year include John Terry's affair with teammate Wayne Bridge's ex, Ashley Cole's alcohol fuelled dramatics and Ryan Giggs' legal attempts to try and evade the media – which in true British fashion and to some amusement became a bigger story. All this then leads to some fantastic fan chants on match day "Chelsea, wherever you may be keep your wife from John Terry!".

    The British media also gave us the term ‘WAG’. Although every sport has them, it is undeniable that the Premier League attracts the best WAGs. Premier League footballers have always attracted the most attractive of WAGs, now even the owners of clubs are getting in on the act! Peter Crouch when asked if he wasn’t a footballer, what would he be said, ‘probably a virgin’. Instead, luckily for Mr Crouch, he has a beautiful WAG, who is highly known as a model, Abigail Clancy.

    One of the most important reasons for putting together the Premier League was to produce a higher level of competition and try and grow clubs to compete on the European stage. It definitely took a couple of years but the growth can now be seen. 4 of the last 20 Champions Leagues have been won by teams in the Premier League as well as many finals involving an unsuccessful competitor form the Premier League. The Champions League Trophy, as intended, is the highest honour a club side can gain, therefore, making the Premier League teams success in it highly significant.

    Bookmakers offer a broad selection of promotional codes for many football competitions, and the Premier league is no exception. The Ladbrokes premier league promo code is worth up to £50 and has been very popular amongst punter. Another reason as to why the Premier League is the best competition in all of football is due to the sheer quality of stars it attracts. This is due to the European success as well as heaps of cash. You have, Dennis Bergkamp and Eric Cantona all the way through to today’s game and the likes of Eden Hazard and David Silva. The Premier League has quickly become a stage for the best of the best to come overseas and play. At the same time as being the birth ground of world stars such as Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. There is a reason why these players stayed in the Premier League for the whole of their careers. And finally, the unmistakable traditional attributes in the English playing game, which is a solid mixture of pace and power that joins to produce the elegant, mesmerizing style of the Premier League. When all is said and done, the Premier League has the that best football can offer; mountains of skill, an abundance of strength and nonstop, end-to-end action. For all of these reasons, it is easy to say, the Barclays Premier League is the best League on the globe.

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